Macphun Luminar collaboration with José Ramos landscape photographer from Portugal

New Collaboration with Macphun and Windows Beta of Luminar available!

I’m pleased to announce that I recently started a collaboration with the great editing software company Macphun! They are a California based company, and they are currently Apple’s most-awarded photography software developer.

Macphun has finally launched their Luminar Neptune photo editor and, as you can see, an image I made right before sunrise in Vestrahorn (Iceland), is featured on the main page of this software, showing its potential!

Macphun Luminar collaboration with José Ramos landscape photographer from Portugal

Macphun had invited me long ago to collaborate with them, but since their software was Mac only, and I’m a Windows user, I had to decline the offer. Now that they have finally launched the Windows version of Photolemur (an automatic artificial-intelligence enhanced editing software), and the Windows beta release of Luminar, an incredible suite of photo editing tools, I finally got on board!

I’ll write more about Luminar as soon as possible. I’ve already tried it, and it’s a step ahead of the almighty famous Nik Color Effex, which I use often. Google is currently the owner of Nik, and recently decided to shut down updates on Nik Color Effex, so Luminar is now the best option if you want to save lots of time while editing, and still get great images. Not everybody has the much needed time for Photoshop and its infinitely steep learning curve, so applications like Luminar are much welcome for many photographers.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Macphun products, you can use the code “RAMOS10” for a 10 EUR/USD discount!

You can download the beta release of Luminar here!